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Gym Equipments


What is included with your 28 day trial?

Access to our coached Squad Training (ST)

What is Squad Training?

Coached instructor led training in groups of just 4 (quad). This will get you training with a coach at a reduced rate of (62.5%) compared with 1 on 1 PT.

With clear guidance and constant support our hour long Squad training is ideal for those who like highly motivating group sessions with the coach instructing you as a group. Expect great results with your fitness goals through functional fitness.


Access to our high intensity Box Fitness classes,expect the music up high and to work hard for 60 minutes.

24/7 Open gym access included, train whenever you like we are open 365 days a year, unlimited access.

Nutritional consultation /personal fitness roadmap to get you moving and committed to your goals for change.

Please note Squad training and box fitness classes are limited to 1 session per week of each on the trial period and are subject to availability.

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